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The last 5 contaiers of tires have been 100% pre-ordered and orders are shipped in the order received.  It is best to get your next set of tires on order and sitting as back-up in  your garage so you have them when they are needed.

Motoz Tires MOTOZ is the craft beer of tires – made by people with passion for their product, and made for riders who appreciate unique tires of high quality. Our designers and test riders are the same people. First and foremost we are dirt bike enthusiasts who love riding off road. We became frustrated with not being able to get motorcycle tires that perform and give long wear mileage so we did something about it. The result is the growing range of MOTOZ specialized enduro, desert, adventure, hybrid and motocross tires, which we believe are the best quality high performance motorcycle tires available. 

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We believe Motoz tires are the best available. Why?

Better Rubber Quality.
We use the natural substance of traction – 100% natural rubber.

Innovative tread designs.
Our trademark “Terrapactor” principle works with the terrain by compacting and wedging it to help increase traction rather than just throwing it behind the bike.

Custom Construction.
Each series has different construction tailored to the application. High strength ply material achieves higher ply rating with less ply layers. Tractionator series is super heavy duty and has unique sidewalls and reinforcement to reduce punctures and pinch flats. Terrapactor series is light weight and has zones of rigidity and flexibility to maximize traction.

Easy to fit.
Better for service times.

Crown Radius Section (CRS)
Tailored to each application for better grip/wear ratio.

Terrain – Application

H/T – Hard Terrain (gravel roads, rocky hills and fire trails, hard pack desert and sand)
I/T – Intermediate and mixed Terrain (mixed trail and mountain conditions, fire trails, forest and mixed bush).
S/T – Soft terrain (soil, sandy loam, pine forest, mixed mud/dry)
I-H/T – Intermediate to Hard Terrain
I-S/T – Intermediate to Soft Terrain.

Our goal is to innovate, design and produce better off road tires with high grip/wear ratios (positive traction but long wearing) in a wider variety of conditions.
Our production is ISO 9001 certified in a privately owned factory in Thailand.

If you have question about which of the Adventure Tires are best suited for the type of riding that you do, check out this Motoz Advenure Tire Overview Video: 

The video below is the deep dive into the Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T tire, which is the most aggressive Adventure Tire in the Line-up:

If you are looking for a tire with aggressive off-road traction that also handles well on the street, watch this deep dive below on the Motoz Tractionator RallZ tires:

If you are thinking the RallZ tire looks great but would like to get more mileage out of your tires... Watch the deep dive below covering the Motoz Tractionator Adventure tire which averages 6k miles a set: 

Now, if 6k miles will not get you where you need do go on your RTW (Round the World) trip or you are haeded to Alaska... Check out the Motoz Tractionator GPS tire video below. This tire has been known to go 12+ Miles without fail: 

Now, if your bike is 500cc or less and you are looking for great off-raod traction with longevity that also DOT rated so it can be ridden on the street... The Enduro and Hybrid tires from Motoz are some that you should consider. Below you will find each of the Off-Road tires outlined in thier very own detailed breakdown video. The first is the Motoz Tractionator Enduro S/T. Check it out here: 

The next more durable tire is the Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T which is a GREAT All Around tire that holds up to most terrains. Learn of the details below: 

ETA: 8/30/2021